Welcome to the foundation managerswithoutborders

business-know-how, sustainable economic, business developmentManagerswithoutborders is a German based non-profit organization (Foundation managerswithoutborders) that transfers business-know-how and supports partner-organizations in sustainable economic management and entrepreneurship. 

We are a network of Businesspeople as Volunteer Experts to support Inclusive Business Development in all sectors. 

We promote the independence and profitability of small to medium sized organizations and enterprises, social business, small and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Our service: Online consultations through managers without borders  

Managers are deployed (online or on-site) who have gone through an application and preparation process with the mwb PM team in Germany and can thus be clearly assigned to a task. They come from all industries and entrepreneurial areas and have professional expertise in their respective field of business. 

In the long term, consultations are possible in 3 different variations:  

  • Online Consultation basic  (Deployment exclusively online) 
  • Online Consultation hybrid  (Deployment online + Short period on-site) 
  • Consultation on-site classic  (Deployment in partner country) 

All consulting processes are tried and tested and have a clear, verified impact. A professional team in Germany accompanies the assignments, while local networks in the countries of assignment ensure complementary and consistent implementation.  

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